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Glass roof

We produce and install high-quality aluminum and glass roofs.

We produce custom-made, ready-to-install glass terrace roofs.

If you are interested in original structures, demanding projects and surprising effects. Contact us. We are ready to meet your expectations.


We guarantee competitive prices and excellent quality!

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We have been successfully implementing projects throughout Poland and Europe for 15 years.

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A transparent trend in architecture.
In the world of modern architecture and interior design, where the boundaries between indoor and outdoor space are becoming more and more fluid, sliding glass walls are gaining popularity, becoming synonymous with elegance, functionality...
Discover winter gardens - your window to nature with Nexhed.
In an era where contact with nature is becoming as important as the modern design and functionality of our homes, Nexhed winter gardens stand out as the perfect solution that meets all these needs.
Why Next?
In today's dynamically developing world of construction, the search for materials that combine strength, aesthetics and flexibility of use has become a key element of every project.
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Great professionals who know exactly what they do. It's worth choosing them. I recommend

Aleksandra Kuś

Great installers, experience shows. I recommend

Klaudia Kr

Rating 5/5 fully deserved. We ordered only glazing for ready-made structures. At every stage of implementation, starting from measurements, the gentlemen provided professional help. Delivery time as expected, less than 6 weeks. Thank you very much 👍

Ewa Zabłocka


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