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Glass structures for terraces and verandas

Polish production and durability for years.


Do you want to enjoy your terrace or veranda all year round, regardless of the weather? Our glass structures are the perfect solution that will allow you to make the most of your space regardless of weather conditions. In summer, thanks to sliding windows, you can open the terrace, let in fresh air and enjoy the summer atmosphere. In winter, the buildings will protect you from the cold, creating a cozy and comfortable space.


At NEXHED, we use only the highest quality aluminum and glass to ensure the aesthetics and longevity of our products. As a direct manufacturer, we offer comprehensive service - from design, through production, to assembly. We adapt each project to your individual needs, guaranteeing full personalization of dimensions, colors and solutions.


Glass structures for terraces and verandas – what do we do?


As a direct manufacturer, we specialize in the design, production and assembly of structures for terraces, verandas and other aluminum and glass structures. We produce aluminum elements, balustrades and glass. Thanks to this, we offer comprehensive solutions that will allow you to design and build every element of your development from A to Z, in accordance with your individual requirements and dimensions. Our products are characterized by a solid and durable construction, the highest quality of workmanship and competitive wholesale prices.


Glass structures for terraces and verandas - what do we offer?


We offer a comprehensive service in which we can design, produce and install glass structures for terraces and verandas - custom-made, complete and ready for installation.


  • Projects
  • Personalization
  • Production
  • Assembly and installation
  • Durability warranty for 10 years
  • 24-month manufacturer's warranty for work performed and installation


As a manufacturer of glass walls and aluminum elements, we offer a number of additional solutions, including frameless systems, sliding walls and personalization of frame colors.


Glass structures for terraces and verandas – what will you get?


  • an individual supervisor who will supervise your project from start to finish.
  • experience and knowledge of specialists in the aluminum and glass industry
  • full personalization of the project - adapting dimensions, colors and solutions to your individual needs
  • a complete set of glass terrace structures, ready for self-assembly
  • possibility of commissioning installation to our team


Building terraces and verandas – what do you gain?

By choosing our glass terrace and porch structures, you will receive the highest quality at a competitive price that only a direct manufacturer can provide. Each construction element is manufactured in our factory in Poland with the utmost care, in accordance with your guidelines. We do not use cheap semi-finished products from China, which guarantees the durability and aesthetics of our products. The finished structures are complete and ready for self-assembly. If you prefer, we can also take care of the assembly.

As a direct manufacturer, we also implement unusual projects of various dimensions, shapes and colors, tailored to your individual needs.


Custom-made terrace and porch structures


Each terrace and veranda development is created according to your individual requirements. We can work on the design provided by you or create it based on the dimensions and guidelines provided. We assign a supervisor to each project who will be in constant contact with you to ensure that all your needs and expectations are met.


Terrace and veranda structures – ready to assemble or with assembly


Our offer gives you complete freedom of choice - you can choose glass structures for terraces and verandas with assembly, or you can do the installation yourself. In the first case, our team will handle comprehensive assembly. Secondly, if you prefer self-assembly, our structures are designed to enable quick and simple assembly without the need for specialized knowledge.

The solution we use means that installing glass structures on your own has never been easier. Each element is precisely made and marked, which makes it easier to assemble the structure step by step. We provide detailed assembly instructions and technical support at every stage so that you can complete your project without any problems.


Custom-made construction of terraces and verandas - our technologies and materials


Our glass terrace and porch structures are distinguished by the highest quality thanks to the use of durable and durable aluminum. This material can be covered with any color from the RAL palette, which allows it to be perfectly matched to individual preferences and the style of the building.

We use 8-10 mm thick VSG laminated glass to construct the walls, which guarantees not only aesthetics, but also safety and longevity. The walls are mounted in frameless sliding systems, which makes the structure light and modern. Additionally, we offer the option of installing an electric awning on the roof, which increases the comfort of use on sunny days.


What makes our terrace and porch structures unique?

NEXHED terrace and porch structures are, above all, solid and durable products made in Poland, from the highest quality materials, which guarantees durability and a beautiful appearance for many years. Thanks to the possibility of full personalization, each project is tailored to the individual needs of the client. You can choose the dimensions, color and solutions that best suit your expectations. Each client is assigned a dedicated project manager who ensures that the final product fully meets your requirements and is in line with your expectations.


Glass structures for terraces and verandas - price

The cost of glass covering a terrace, veranda or balcony depends on many factors, such as the size of the structure, the choice of materials, the color of aluminum from the RAL palette and additional options, such as the installation of an electric awning on the roof. Each project is tailored to your needs, so we encourage you to contact your nearest NEXHED regional representative to obtain an initial quote.


Custom-made terrace and porch structures – how to order?


To order a custom-made glass terrace or veranda construction, please contact one of our regional representatives: NEXHED Regional Representatives. After an initial consultation and determining all the details, we will prepare a project tailored to your individual needs and a detailed quote. After accepting the quote and making the payment (advance payment or full payment), we will start production.

We will deliver the finished structure to the indicated address, and precisely marked elements and detailed assembly instructions will enable quick and trouble-free assembly of the structure. If necessary, our technical support team is always ready to help.


Custom-made terrace and porch structures – frequently asked questions

How long does it take to complete an order?

The order processing time depends on the complexity of the project and the current production load. After accepting the quote and making the payment, our representative will inform you about the expected delivery date.

Can I install the structure myself?

Yes, our structures are designed for easy and quick installation. Each element is carefully made and marked, and the included step-by-step assembly instructions make it easy to assemble the structure. If difficulties arise, we offer technical support.

What materials are used to produce structures?

To produce our structures, we use the highest quality aluminum and VSG glued glass with a thickness of 8-10 mm, which ensures durability, safety and aesthetic appearance of the structure.

Can I adapt the project to my needs?

Yes, each project is fully tailored to your individual needs. You can choose dimensions, aluminum color from the RAL palette and additional options, such as frameless systems or electric awnings.

Do you offer glass installation?

Yes, we offer the option of choosing a body with assembly performed by our specialists or self-assembly. In case of self-assembly, we provide detailed instructions and technical support.

What additional options are available for glass terrace structures?

We offer a variety of additional options, such as electric awnings, frameless systems, sliding glass walls and a wide selection of glass types and aluminum colors from the RAL palette. Our representative will help you choose the best solutions tailored to your needs.

Can I see the completed constructions before ordering?

Yes, on our website you will find galleries of completed projects that can serve as inspiration.

Do you offer a warranty on structures?

Yes, all our products are covered by a 24-month manufacturer's repair warranty. Our representative will discuss warranty details with you when placing your order.

What are the costs of transporting the structure?

Transport costs depend on the location and size of the order. You will receive an accurate transport quote from our representative after determining all the details of the order.

Can I make changes to the project after it has been approved?

The possibility of introducing changes depends on the stage of project implementation. Introducing changes after production has started may involve additional costs and delays in implementation.

Can I order structures in unusual shapes and dimensions?

Yes, as a direct manufacturer, we can implement unusual projects, adapted to various shapes and dimensions in accordance with your individual requirements.

How to take care of the terrace and veranda so that it retains its appearance and durability?

Our structures are made of the highest quality materials that are easy to maintain. We recommend regular cleaning of aluminum and glass with mild cleaning agents and periodic inspection and maintenance of moving parts to maintain their appearance and durability.